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About The House of Healing

The House of Healing was founded by Deborah Rugari in 1998, when through her own understanding of poor health, she saw the need for a Wholistic Centre. She wanted a soothing atmosphere where people would come to relax, renew their spirits and discover the true essences of themselves.

Deborah wanted to organise talks, seminars and produce booklets to inform the public of the latest health issues. It was also important to her to show children the tools they can call upon when in later life stresses begin to take their toll.

Meditation, yoga, appreciating nature: these we can pass on, together with an understanding that the body has an innate ability to heal itself.

She sees her role to assist others to look after themselves, each other and the planet we live upon: using nature's gifts to bring health and happiness to all.

This involves breaking down the barriers of health workers, be they medical specialists or natural therapists. To put aside egos and work together for the benefit of the global community.

This sanctuary was opened on 13th February 2000. And here, sharing Deborah's passion, are the many practitioners dedicated to Wholistic Health Care.