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Carla Davey

Carla Davey is a Bioresonance Practitioner who has an incredible passion to assist people achieve optimal wellness.

Throughout our life our bodies are exposed to different stresses, like toxins, pollutants, bacterias, radiation and more, putting our body's out of balance and overpowering the body's natural self healing mechanisms, which may be contributing to illness or chronic conditions.

Using a natural holistic treatment approach based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, our holistic treatment is a gentle, non invasive therapy looking at the whole body and identifying any underlying causes as to why you may not be feeling well, rather than focusing solely on the symptoms. Our holistic treatment helps to restore the communication between the cells, assisting the body to restore optimal health by using its own natural healing capabilities. Treatment is highly customised and tailored for each individual. For more information please visit www.olisticawellness.com

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