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Dr Karen Oswald

Dr Karen Oswald is a general practitioner of many years experience. For 25 years she has trained medical students and registrars both for the University of Sydney and the general practice training body GP Synergy.

A particular clinical interest over the past 10 years or so has been "healthy ageing" medicine, and Dr Oswald belongs to A5M and A4M (Association for anti ageing medicine). Strategies includes weight management, gut health, bio-identical hormone therapy and use of intravenous vitamin supplements.

Non-surgical tissue rejuvenation techniques, using platelet rich plasma (PRP) have been utilised for many years for cosmetic, musculoskeletal treatments and other medical indications. PRP is a very safe and well studied way to improve collagen, nerves and blood vessels. The procedure requires a blood sample, which is spun in a centrifuge to remove the red blood cells, and the remaining platelet rich plasma containing growth factors to activate cells can then be injected directly into the target tissues. Effects may take approximately three weeks to be evident, since the tissues take time to rejuvenate. One protocol is called the "o shot", which is specifically promoted for enhancement of sexual function. While it can certainly be useful for that indication, it is also be helpful for dryness, stress incontinence and mild prolapse. It can be safely used for those women who are unable to use hormones to assist with post menopausal symptoms, or women with similar problems after childbirth. Using PRP for tissue rejuvenation is a practice based procedure, using topical local anaesthetic.

Dr Oswald tries to follow her own advice and remains fit by cycling, scuba diving, swimming, skiing and going to the gym. She also enjoys good food and a glass of wine in moderation!

Special areas of practice are:

  • Weight management strategies
  • Gut health
  • Bio-identical hormones (men and women)
  • Intravenous vitamin treatments
  • Platelet rich plasma, including "o shot" for improved sexual function, scar revision, musculoskeletal, and vaginal rejuvenation

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