• The Vital Woman 2023 Expo
  • The Vital Woman 2023 Expo
  • The Vital Woman 2024 Expo

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We would LOVE you join us at The Vital Woman Conference...

The House of Healing proudly presents 'The Vital Woman Conference' which is all about showcasing the best of South Australia's health and wellness businesses along with fashion and jewellery, homewares, food, and drinks, all while you build your personalised Vital Woman Plan.

This year the Vital Woman Expo transforms into the Vital Woman Conference making it an interactive and hands on experience where all participants will work with our speakers and experts to build their Vital Woman Plan around the Four Pillars of Vitality which are:

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual...


  • Browyn Coles: Yoga
  • Diane McCann: Beyond the Ordinary
  • Kelly Griffiths: Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Jess Lawson: Vega Testing
  • Deborah Rugari: The Dangers of Electric Magnetic Radiation
  • Riannah Roach: Get out of your Head.


  • Jodie Nevid: Master of your emotions. Heal your Heart.
  • Julie Way - Living with Trust.

Full details of our speakers and their presentations are at:

The Vital Woman has something for every woman!
Get in quickly as there are only 12 stalls available and five stalls have already been snapped up so if you'd like to be a part f this event please contact us today.

We are committed to offering attendees a diverse selection of stall holders that would not be able to experience anywhere else. To be part of this vibrant atmosphere we are inviting applications for stalls.

A huge thanks to our Vital Woman Partners who help make this event the extraordinary experience it is:

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