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The House of Healing Humanitarian Foundation was formed in March 2002 when through guidance Deborah Rugari the Founder invited friends to form a non-religious, non-profit and non-political foundation to assist underprivileged children throughout the world.

Initially The House of Healing Humanitarian Foundation assisted World Youth International with projects such as the Owiti Children's Home in Kenya. However, as the Foundation grew it collaborated with other Charites and also worked independently on its own projects.

The first fund raiser "The Rainbow Ball" was held at the Hyatt in September 2002 raising $23,382.66. Since then there have been many events - four "Kenyan Dreaming Charity Balls"; one "Kenyan Dreaming Supper Club" three "April Sundae" luncheons at McLarens on the Lake; a 60's Cabaret and a Polyester Club Cabaret at the Burnside Ballroom followed by "Rock around the Lake" once again at McLarens on the Lake.

We also collaborated with Hog Heaven Foundation to raise funds for Sri Lanka orphans after the Tsunami. Future projects were run by Dr Mark and Carol Hill-Ling in Kenya on our behalf. These including medical clinics, building a Posho/Shop/Clinic and donating books to schools.

In November 2018 "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party? raised $15,000 for The Beach House Project at Victor Harbour. This home was built by the Women's and Children's Hospital for children with short life expectancy to enjoy a final holiday with their families. In 2020 The Australian Children?s Foundation were presented with a cheque for $7,000. In 2017 we raised $10,000 for Catherine House a refuge for women. And 2021 we raised another $20,000 for them again. Please delete We also hold various film evenings and raffles.

This year we are supporting 'Talk Out Loud' with Spring Fling at Cuddlee Creek on Sunday 13th November. Please go to our Facebook page for more information.

The House of Healing Humanitarian Foundation projects:


  • Katherine House - Adelaide in 2017 and 2021
  • The Beach House Project - Victor Harbour
  • The Australian Childhood Foundation
  • Puddle Jumpers
  • Owiti Children's Home
  • Rangi Community Centre
  • Rangala Babies Home for Orphans
  • St. Paul's Boarding Facility for Abused Girls
  • Selene Feeding Programme - for destitute widows
  • Purchased a mobile Medical Clinic to provide assistance to regional and remote Kisumu
  • Medical Clinics between Leita and Andingo
  • Books supplied to Andingo and Leita Schools
  • Posho/ Shop/Clinic built at Andingo

Sri Lanka

  • The Tsunami Orphans in Sri Lanka
  • Ciresarii Orphanage
  • Birthing Kits Foundation Australia
  • Katherine House - Adelaide
  • The Beach House Project - Victor Harbour

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Committee 2022
Deborah Rugari, Jess Lawson, Athena Lis, Lousie Bailey and Toni Everard.

Friends of the Committee 2019
Sam Rugari, Barry Matto, Peter D'Alfonso