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Neil Pitt

Shiatsu Massage and Oriental Therapist

Neil Pitt holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. He began his journey learning from master Sifu Lee in Japan; mastering the arts of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Buddhism. Neil has practiced Shiatsu for over 14 years.

Shiatsu is the perfect combination of stretching, deep tissue massage, joint work and pressure point therapy which gives you the benefits of not only deep tissue massage but energy work as well. It is effective in treating acute and chronic pain of muscles, joints and nerves; sports injuries and injuries resulting from accidents or traumas and inflammatory conditions.

Along with Shiatsu Neil also practices the ancient art of cupping that may assist in addressing stubborn conditions that have not responded to previous treatments.

Session information:
Initial session
75minutes $130

Follow up session
30 minutes $60 and 60 minutes $110

Cupping therapy additional $15
Private Health Fund Rebates are available.

Intuitive Readings:
Born with an empathic / psychic abilities Neil does one hour intuitive readings which include:

  1. Past life readings - to help you to understand the ?why? of things happening to you
  2. Connecting with spirit guides
  3. Looking into relationship, money and future issues allow you to move forward
  4. Reading other people in your life through photos
Session 60 minutes $130

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