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Deborah Rugari at The House of Healing
Deborah Rugari
Deborah has practiced as a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist since 1989. She holds a Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition and is also a Reiki Master. In June 2018 Deborah received a National OSCA Award; "Outstanding Services to the Community' for her humanitarian work.

Deborah's comprehensive training and attention to detail provides patients with the potential to achieve total health, harmony and balance; however required.
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Jess Lawson at The House of Healing
Jess Lawson
Jess Lawson has been a Naturopath since 2009 and has specialised as a Vega technician to Deborah Rugari since 2003. With her extensive knowledge of Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Jess is passionate about assisting patients to achieve optimum health and wellbeing through natural methods. Jess uses the Vega for diagnostic purposes; to discover food intolerances, microbial infections, organ stress, hormone imbalance, vitamin and mineral deficiency, heavy metal stress, electromagnetic radiation and so much more.
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Vega Testing at The House of Healing
Vega Testing
Electro Dermal-Acupuncture Testing, in particular the VEGATESTmethod, is a simple and non-invasive test used to discover any energy imbalance in the body that may lead to illness and then disease
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Kelly Griffiths at The House of Healing
Kelly Griffiths
Kelly is a Naturopath with qualifications in Nutritional & Western Herbal Medicine. Her practice specialises in holistic care, offering nutritional strategies and education to empower and motivate change. Kelly helps patients understand the role diet and environment play in chronic complex health concerns, offering personalised interventions to support positive outcomes. Special areas of Practice include Nutrition for Sports Performance and DNA Testing which aims to help individuals understand the effects of nutrients on the expression of an individual's genetic makeup and how this relates to various health outcomes.
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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging at The House of Healing
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or DITI is a non- invasive diagnostic technique that allows us to see changes in body temperature. Images or 'Thermograms' can be taken of the whole body or just an area needing investigation.

The digitised images are sent electronically to a Thermologist who is a certified medical doctor for interpretation and reporting.

DITI is unique in its capacity to show physical changes and metabolic processes. It is non invasive, there is no radiation and no contact with the body.

It is able to localize areas of inflammation so if needed, further diagnostic tests can be performed.
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Cameron Rodger at The House of Healing
Cameron Rodger
Naturopath (BHSc Nat)
Certified NET Practitioner)
Initial 1 hour $130
Revisits 1/2 hour $65

Cameron Rodger is a qualified Naturopath, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Health Science. He has a particular interest in NET a mind-body technique that finds and corrects neurological and energy meridian imbalances. It operates in the cognitive, emotional and behavioural realms.
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Dr Mona Kaur at The House of Healing
Dr Mona Kaur
MBBS (Adelaide)
Dr Kaur takes a preventative and causative approach in the management of various conditions like adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances, infertility, insulin resistance and weight gain, gut dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, stress, anxiety and depression, biochemical imbalances and nutrigenomic challenges.....
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Initial consultation 75 minutes.
* Health fund rebates available.
Dr Karen Oswald at The House of Healing
Dr Karen Oswald
Dr Karen Oswald is a General Practitioner with a particular clinical interest in 'healthy ageing' medicine. Strategies include weight management, gut health, bio-identical hormone therapy and use of intravenous vitamin supplements. Special areas of Practice include:

  • Weight management strategies
  • Gut health
  • Bio-identical hormones for men and women
  • Intravenous vitamin treatments
  • Platelet rich plasma, including "O shot" for improved sexual function, scar revision, musculoskeletal, and vaginal rejuvenation
Medicare rebates applicable on most treatments. Read More
Made Astiti at The House of Healing
Made Astiti
Traditional Balinese Massage Therapist)
Made's expertise is in Traditional Balinese Treatments and the total Body Spa experience. She uses only pure natural products which are personally hand made prior to a treatment and therefore fully compliment the body; allowing for sychronicity and healing on deep levels. Made's treatments are peaceful and serene; allowing you to drift away whilst waves of relaxation travel throughout your entire body.

Balinese Massage
60 minutes - NOW $60 SAVE $30

*Valid for July 2020 terms and conditions apply.
Bernadette Centofanti at The House of Healing
Bernadette Centofanti
With over 30 years' experience in the Beauty Industry we are blessed to be able to offer Bernadette's incredible expertise in all Beauty and Spa treatments.

Bernadette practises traditional treatments as well as advanced skin therapies using the latest techniques to restore and regenerate natural beauty on all levels.
Stephanie Haras at The House of Healing
Stephanie Haras
Stephanie specialises in a variety of skin disorders including acne, rosacea, dermatitis and dehydration after many years of suffering with them herself. Using her oxygen facial machine to penetrate the 7 layers of the skin; she focusses on lymphatic drainage and bacteria to enhance your skin.

Results after 3 treatments
Acne One Treatment $150
Package of 6 treatments - $120 each SAVE $180
Pigmentation/ Rosacea Treatment $199
Package of 6 $150 each SAVE $294
Protect Filters at The House of Healing
Young Living Essential Oils at The House of Healing
Young Living Essential Oils
Yes! We stock Young Living Essential Oils.

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. Young Living offers the highest therapeutic grade essential oils, blends, and oil-infused products with the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring essential oil constituents to maximise their potency. Pure products your family can trust.

Find out how you can purchase these amazing oils at wholesale prices...
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