The House of Healing 19th Birthday
It's our 19th Birthday! Celebrate with these Special Offers.
Bookings Essential. Not available on Saturdays or for Gift Voucher purchases. Not valid with any other promotion. Available for the month of March only.
Aroma Relaxation Massage - The House of Healing
Aroma Relaxation Massage
Choose from 4 Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends

Includes a Gift Voucher for a 30 minute sauna session with your next massage booking.
Save $56 Value $135 NOW $79
Food Sensitivities & Intolerances Test
Save $31 Value $120 NOW $89
Electro Dermal-Acupuncture Testing, in particular, the VEGATEST method, is a simple and non-invasive test used to identify any energy imbalance in the body that can lead to illness then disease. In one hour we can test 240 foods to ascertain if you have any sensitivities or intolerances.

Read more about Vega Testing

* Available for the month of March only.
As seen on Today Tonight - Electro Magnetic Radiation
Stop it before it stops you...
Protection against harmful Electromagnetic Fields

EMR Shields
Save $5 Value $40 NOW $35
Buy Now
Scalar Energy - the medicine of the future
Presented by
Tony Mark-Seymour, Deborah Rugari N.D.
and Dr Geoffrey Bryant
Wednesday 6th March at 7.30 pm
Adelaide Royal Coach Inn
Cost $5 per Affiliate ? Guests Free

Come and join us for exciting news and opportunities being introduced to Australia and USA.
Iridology with Eliana
Iridology is a non-invasive and inexpensive analysis of the iris of each eye that provides a trained practitioner an accurate assessment of your relative state of health as well as recommendations based on findings.
The iris contains many nerve endings which are connected to the optic nerve, the base of the brain, and all of the bodily tissues. It is in the eye markings and discolourations that indicate possible health indicators to the practitioner.

It can be used to discover possible vulnerabilities or weaknesses in all major body systems. The most incredible thing that?s really important about why people would want to use this system, is because it can show a pre-disposition to imbalances based on hereditary aspects.

A flashlight with a magnifying glass, camera or a slit-lamp microscope is all the equipment that is needed in the clinic.

Let Eliana provide you with a reading of your eyes. You will discover the important aspects about your health and powerful insights as to the state of your health and the whole body.
Revamping Bamboo Day Spa...
which means most of our furniture is up for sale. If you are interested in any items please contact Reception for prices.
Exciting times ahead!
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