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The House of Healing Newsletter
Digital InfraRed Thermal Imaging
Women's & Men's Health Scans.
New to our appointments are the Women's and Men's Health scans! From the head to the bottom of the torso this scan type includes major and reproductive organs.

Initial NOW $189 normally $265
save $79

Follow up NOW $159 normally $225
save $66

This scan type includes an extensive report with images and recommendations.
The House of Healing Newsletter
Food Sensitivities & Intolerances
Vega Test.
NOW $89
Save $31 Value $120

Electro Dermal-Acupuncture Testing, in particular, the VEGATEST method, is a simple and non-invasive test used to identify any energy imbalance in the body that can lead to illness then disease. In one hour we can test 240 foods to ascertain if you have any sensitivities or intolerances.

Read more about Vega Testing.
The House of Healing Newsletter
Nutrition for Sports Performance
with Kelly Griffiths.
90 minute Normally $149 NOW $120.
Specific for the athlete or active person, this consult focuses on training or competition fuelling, recovery nutrition, injury and repair nutrition and supplementation.

Individually tailored recipes included with treatment plan.

Available Fridays
The House of Healing Newsletter
Acoustic Wave Therapy
Bums & Thighs.
Package of 5 sessions NOW $499
Normally $1499 Save $1000.
Acoustic Wave Therapy is a non-invasive medical break through in the treatment of cellulite to improve tone and decrease dimpling.

Ask about our no obligation free consultation now.
The House of Healing Newsletter
Spirit of Bali.
2 hours
NOW $150
A delightful package which will leave you feeling and looking radiant and refreshed. Combines two different treatments: Balinese Traditional Massage and Tropical Facial.

A truly relaxing and pampering experience.
The House of Healing Newsletter
5G Health Protect Filters
Protect Filter $30 normally $35
Protect Filter Pack of 5 $135 normally $150
Are you concerned about 5G exposure? So are we!
Protect filters are suitable for all your devices.
The House of Healing Newsletter
Young Living Essential Oils
25% Off Existing Stock
Young Living - the GOLD standard for essential oils around the world!
The House of Healing Newsletter
February is DETOX month!

Join us for a 28 day detox starting on Monday 1st February.
Your body is always doing its best to detoxify but over the holiday season it is often under pressure to perform this daily task readily.
Investment ~ ONLY $290 - value $380
2 Vega tests and 2 appointments with Deborah Rugari
Receive insights, helpful tips, recipes and daily inspiration to assist you over the 28 days.

Enjoy a 60 minute full body massage to assist your lymphatic system.

Add On
Full Body Digital Infrared Thermal Image ONLY $199 - value $360

Join us and learn how to:
  • Detoxify the WHOLE body rather than just focussing on the liver
  • Take 28 days to slowly detoxify without any nasty side effects or symptoms
  • Eat healthy nutritious food so you won?t feel hungry
  • Learn new ways to become more energised
  • Improve your sleep and become less stressed
  • Clear electromagnetic stress to enable clearer thinking
  • Clear excess fluid from your cells
  • Start burning fat cells instead of muscle
  • Work on your physical, mental and emotional bodies all at the same time
  • Improve your immune system
First a Vega test and Naturopathic appointment to:
  1. Ascertain the level of stress on your lymphatics, liver, bowel, kidney, lungs and hypothalamus.
  2. Uncover what foods you are intolerant to that are leading to your toxic state
  3. Find out if you have any hidden viruses or bacteria that are slowing you down
  4. Discover the best time to exercise for your body type
  5. Learn how to use technical devices without stressing the energy of your body and disrupting your sleep patterns.
Fully supervised by two Naturopaths.

How to Participate
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Register your interest with Reception by phoning (08) 8431 9288
Clinic Update -  The House of Healing
Your Practitioners and Services for 2021
Deborah Rugari N.D. - Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist
Jess Lawson - Naturopath, Vega technician
Kelly Griffiths - Naturopath, Nutritional & Western Herbal Medicine
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
Acoustic Wave Therapy
Dr Mona Kaur - Nutritional Medicine General Practitioner
Dr Karen Oswald - General Practitioner
Made Astiti - Traditional Balinese Massage Therapist
Bernadette Centofanti - Beauty Therapist
Service and Price update effective as of 1st February 2021
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging has added the Women's and Men's Health scan to its appointments! From the head to the bottom of the torso this scan type includes major and reproductive organs and includes an extensive report with images and recommendations. Appointment duration and prices are:

Initial 60 minutes $265
Follow up 60 minutes $225

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging has reviewed its pricing. New prices for the Region of Interest are:

Initial $160
Follow up $130
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