• The Vital Woman 2023 Expo

  • The Vital Woman 2023 Expo
  • The Vital Woman 2023 Expo
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We would LOVE you join us at The Vital Woman Conference...

The House of Healing proudly presents 'The Vital Woman Conference' which is all about showcasing the best of South Australia's health and wellness businesses along with fashion and jewellery, homewares, food, and drinks, all while you build your personalised Vital Woman Plan.

This year the Vital Woman Expo transforms into the Vital Woman Conference making it an interactive and hands on experience where all participants will work with our speakers and experts to build their Vital Woman Plan around the Four Pillars of Vitality which are:

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual...


Bronwyn Coles
Is an intuitive healer, energy worker, coach & yoga teacher. Her purpose is to facilitate expansion of awareness & alignment with your divine purpose.

Diane McCann

There are a million vitamins, minerals, modalities, foods ? how does one know what works specifically for YOU?

Come along and find out in this fascinating hour about how to learn for yourself what is your best avenue to health; how to change your emotional states; how to figure out what is the "right" answer for this moment in time. Learn to rely on yourself and your connection to your body.

Kelly Griffiths: Naturopath, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging - Non-invasive, No Radiation, and No Contact tool to gain insights into your health and potentially identify early signs of dysfunction.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging uses a thermal camera to capture temperature variations on your body's surface. These variations can be linked to underlying issues in your:
  • Muscles & Skeletal system
  • Vascular & Lymphatics
  • Nervous System.
Jess Lawson: Naturopath, Herbal Medicine, Vega Technician
Vega Testing - is a simple and non-invasive test used to discover any energy imbalance in the body that can lead to disease. Uncover your biological index which reveals the truth about how every system and organ in your body is functioning; including how you are ageing and how your gene pool is working.

Deborah Rugari: N.D. Naturopath, Post Grad. Clinical Nutrition, Reiki Master
The Dangers of Electric Magnetic Radiation - Protect yourself from the invisible dangers of high frequency radiation.


Riannah Roach: NLP, Hypnosis
Master your mindset. Become your biggest cheerleader.

As women, we often tend to have a mean girl in our head. We think negative things about ourselves that we would never dare to say to somebody else. And what?s worse, these thoughts then influence everything we do, say, and attract into our lives. Join Riannah Roach, hypnotherapist and mentor, as she explains how to transform that mean girl in your head into your biggest cheerleader.

During the workshop you will:
  • Learn how to identify your untrue beliefs (negative self-talk)
  • Recognise how your emotions are linked to your repeating negative thoughts.
  • Discover how to transform the mean girl in your head into your biggest cheerleader.


Jodie Nevid: Founder of The Seven Effect and Creator of The Freedom Academy
Master your Emotions. Heal your Heart
We all experience heartbreak at some point, relationships end, loved one?s pass, and sometimes we just get hurt. Feeling hurt is a human experience; but carry heartbreak through life is unhealthy. In this upbeat and hands on workshop Jodie Nevid, the freedom focused coach for women will teach you how to become the master of your emotions so you can recover from heartbreak by letting go, laughing, and leaning in with love.

During the workshop you will:
  • Uncover your emotional patterns by understanding the ladder of emotions
  • Recognise why your emotions create motion toward or away from your goals
  • Discover how to create emotionally healthy choices that set you free


Julie Way - Breathwork, Lifeline Technique
Living with Trust
Everything in life supports your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Every experience you resist or judge is designed to wake you up. Therefore, everything in your life right now, no matter how seemingly undesirable, is the ideal combination of events to provide you with growth and evolution toward your True Self, true safety, real love and profound peace with what you really want. The more you come to know this for yourself, the more you are able to surrender to how things are and accept it as being perfect for you. With this attitude you can access the remedies and solutions to any situation you are experiencing at any one time.

This isthe Truth, and all you have to do toexperience the Truth, is to trust the way it is.The reward of trusting is the experience of being able to trust in what you are trusting!

Ideas we will explore include:
  • The Power of Trusting
  • Trusting change/Letting go
  • Recognising Truth/Releasing doubt
  • Learning to trust again in relationships

The Vital Woman Conference has something for every woman!

Grab your ticket now, or share the adventure with friends and score your ticket for free! Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

$79 Early bird till the end of June - usually $99!
Your investment is $79 inclusive of GST and your ticket includes:

  • A program of expert speakers who will guide you to become a Vital Woman
  • Inspirational Exhibitors stalls
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Tea
  • A ticket to win a $500 The House of Healing Voucher
  • First 25 bookings receive a gift bag valued at $50
  • Assorted discount vouchers

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