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Vega Testing at The House of Healing
Vega Testing

Electro Dermal-Acupuncture Testing, in particular the VEGATEST method, is a simple and non-invasive test used to discover any energy imbalance in the body that can lead to disease.

Orthodox medicine understands disease mainly in terms of pathological changes in morphology of organs and tissues. Hence we are unable to diagnose Clinical Disease States (medical). Vega testing determines functional disturbances and the level of your health at an energetic level.

The House of Healing performs the following tests and more:

  • Food Sensitivities
  • Specific Organ Problems
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
  • Hormone Levels
  • Enzyme Levels
  • Microbials
  • Heavy Metal toxicity
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Chakra imbalances
  • Any specific problems

Please note that it is not advisable on the day of the test to:

  • Apply cream, lotion, oil or nail polish
  • Wear nylon pantyhose to the test
  • Drink coffee or tea two hours prior
  • Eat within half an hour before the test

It would be much appreciated if you

  • Eat a good protein breakfast and lunch on the day
  • Ensure you bring along all medication and supplements you are taking - not just the packets
  • Drink plenty of water on the day
  • Take your shoes off
  • Remove any jewelry that you do not wear to bed
  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Relax
  • Do not chat as we prefer to concentrate on your testing

Our Vega Technicians are not legally permitted to answer any related questions. Once your Vega test is completed you will see Deborah Rugari N.D. or Jess Lawson who will discuss in detail your results and answer any questions you may have.

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