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Weight Management

Are you tired of weight loss programmes that promise the world and deliver very little? Or worse still; losing weight really quickly and then once normal eating resumes putting it all back on and sometimes even more.

Here at The House of Healing we aim to rebalance your body to break down the fats effectively so they can be excreted easily. Using Vega diagnostics, we test the four main fats against the organs of your body to ascertain which ones are not being broken down effectively. We then design the correct eating programme for you along with any supplementation you may need. With gentle exercising like walking and adequate water intake we will slowly have your clothes getting looser.

This is not a quick fix weight loss programme it is designed to re-educate your body and change your shape gradually for lasting results.

Facts and Fiction

These days many people are looking for ways to stay healthy and lose weight. We know that there are many myths out there about weight loss. Here are some facts that will help you understand weight loss better and also become healthier.

The truth is that you need to lose fat not weight. If you lose weight you are mostly losing water. You are not getting any healthier, you are just dehydrating yourself.

Low carbohydrate diets will not allow you to lose fat because they rob your body of energy. When your body is low in energy there is no burning down of fat cells. Low fat diets are worse, putting even more fat on you! The only way to drop the fat is by eating the right foods... in the right amounts... and at the right time.

Long cardio exercise... four or even six times per week is the worst way to burn fat. Your body switches over and burns muscle instead.

Boxed diet foods are expensive and once you stop the weight goes right back on. This is also an ineffective way of learning about what foods are healthier.

Restrictive dieting or starving yourself is not only unwise and dangerous..... it simply doesn't work; especially if you want to keep the weight off. Your body goes into "war zone" mentality and holds onto every bit of weight it can as it is unsure when the next food supply may be delivered. Starving yourself will also put you at greater risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Weight loss is a balance of eating healthy foods regularly throughout the day, gentle exercise after protein and sleeping deeply.

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