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Are you tired of weight loss programmes with no long term results; then try ours.

Are you tired of weight loss programmes that promise the world and deliver very little? Or worse still; losing weight really quickly and then once normal eating resumes putting it all back on and sometimes even more.

Here at The House of Healing we aim to rebalance your body to break down the fats effectively so they can be excreted easily. Using Vega diagnostics, we test the four main fats against the organs of your body to ascertain which ones are not being broken down effectively. We then design the correct eating programme for you along with any supplementation you may need. With gentle exercising like walking and adequate water intake we will slowly have your clothes getting looser.

This is not a quick fix weight loss programme it is designed to re-educate your body and change your shape gradually for lasting results.

Suggested Packages:

Naturopathic Initial Appointment

Naturopathic Follow Up Appointment

Meal Planning is also available $120

Who is this for?

  • Males or female
  • For those wanting to lose some weight
  • For those wanting to get a little fitter

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Tried Acoustic Wave Therapy at The Bamboo Day Spa last month and am so pleased with the results. I have battled for years with circulation and lymphatic issues and thought I would try Acoustic Wave Therapy on my legs. I had instant results from the first session not only in the appearance and tone of my skin but health in general. No longer do my legs ache while doing exercise, there is a visible improvement in my cellulite and I have so much more energy. Thanks to Lidia and the other beautiful staff at Bamboo Day Spa.
Katrina, July 21st